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Your Ideal Home Makeover Begins With Us

Irene's Room MakeOver, serving Centreville, VA and surrounding areas, offers you the expertise to make your room planning ideas a reality. With several years of experience in residential remodeling and home improvement services, we have the knack to wonderfully arrange your home furniture and belongings and incorporate the design you envision.

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Room Space Planning

Arranging your home's furniture and other belongings to maximize space can be a frustrating and difficult task. We have the experience and expertise to analyze your home's potential space and to arrange things accordingly. Our professional interior remodeling team will help you arrange your furniture and appliances by applying appropriate design techniques to maximize small or awkward spaces of your home. With our professional space planning service, you'll feel much more comfortable with more space in your rooms.

Vibrant Color Consultation

Choosing the right paint color can be extremely daunting. No worries, our professionals will identify the best colors for the look and feel you envision. Our professional eye will help you avoid unnecessary color disasters, ultimately saving you money, and will achieve the look you envisioned.

Helpful & Personal Interior Design

During the design process, we consider composition and scale to create the design aesthetic you will love. We take the design and layout of your home to a new level by incorporating your personal items when possible or start from scratch.

As designers, we monitor current trends and always think outside the box. We will mix and match colors, styles, and decorative pieces, all the while being mindful of your budget. We execute an ideal home makeover that complements your taste and preferences. Each of our design schemes addresses:

• Fabrics
• Furniture

• Paint
• Rugs

• Lighting
• Accessories

• Window Treatments
• Artwork

Experienced Furniture Refurbishing

You can also choose beautifully done refurbished furniture as new additions to your home. There's no need to purchase new and expensive furniture. When you go with refurbished furniture, you save heap firs of money.

The refurbishing process depends on the type of furniture we work with. For example, wood furniture can be refinished by stripping the old finish, repairing scratches, removing stains, and applying a new finish whether it is stained or painted. Refurbished furniture is environmentally friendly, often cost-effective, and a great way to have unique pieces in your home. Bottom line, if we can't use your furnishings, we'll shop for pieces that will compliment your style while keeping your budget in mind.

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Before & After Pictures

You'll be amazed at the before and after pictures. The elements we use to accessorize and design are always sleek and upscale, but also pocketbook-friendly. View pictures.